John Wind

Voice Actor

A Bold Voice in Broadcasting

As a voiceover actor, I’m passionate about bringing a script to life! I have the ability to transform words into vivid images and emotions, captivating the audience with my deep bass vocal range and unique characterizations.

South Florida Based Voice Actor

My expertise lies in using my voice as a tool to convey a message, whether it be for a commercial, video games, an animated series, or audiobooks. I can work in a variety of genres and styles, from comedic to dramatic, and can adapt tones and style to suit the needs of the project.

I possess exceptional communication skills, both in interpreting the script and collaborating with directors and producers to ensure that the final product meets their vision.

I’m able to take direction and feedback and incorporate it into exceptional performance, while also bringing my own creativity and flair to the role. Above all, I am passionate about the power of storytelling and the impact that my voice can have in bringing stories to life. I am dedicated to the craft and constantly seeking opportunities to expand my skills and repertoire, and am always looking for projects to sink my teeth into.

John Wind


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Palm Beach, Florida

Kalamazoo, Michigan