Professional business advisor

A technology industry thought leader, John has been a guest speaker at many national trade show conferences, he is a published author and Internet industry expert, and has been a founding member of major Internet innovations, including the The NAP of The Americas in Miami, as the head of Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s Internet Task Force. See FCC white paper on “Net Nuetrality” here.

John also served as the Marketing chairman  of the IMS Forum [Formerly the International Packet Communications Consortium] “IPTV” and has been an active participant in major industry associations and trade show organizations including The VON Coalition, Internet Telephony and CompTel/ALTS.

2024 Election Insights


It will take 270 electoral votes to win the US 2024 presidential election on November 5. Explore the critical data and trends shaping the upcoming elections. 

Let’s advocate for policies that support the well-being of all citizens, particularly those in need of care and support. The election map is not just a tool for political strategy; it’s a means to foster a more inclusive and equitable society.

Understanding the Electoral College